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Meteonorm 8.2 Keygen 2024 Full Version Download Serial Number

Meteonorm Crack {32-64Bit} is a special association of dependable information specialists and additionally amazing PC instruments. It offers admittance to commonplace years and the genuine time arrangement. Worldwide environment data set for all nations.

You canister browse higher than 30 a few climate boundaries. The data set comprises in excess of 8,000 climate stations, five satellite radio locales, and airborne climatology that are adjusted universally. On this premise, present-day embed models dependent on higher than 30 years of action give exceptionally exact outcomes worldwide.

Meteonorm Torrent has the best climate data set for all nations. The data set contains in excess of 8000 climate stations and 5 satellite radio broadcasts. So you can see information in minutes, hours, every day, and month to month. You can see climate and temperature data from 2023 to the present time, which is constantly updated.

There are a day and a half for accepting information from subtleties including CSV, TMY2, TMY3, EPW, PVSOL, PVSyst, Polysun, and SAM. The center of the program comprises dynamic libraries or web administrations for different applications, and designers can utilize Meteonorm. You can add data from outsider bids to this product.

Activation Code / Key Feature of Meteonorm:

  1. Firstly, Geology The Global landscape model is 90/9om.
  2. Then, clients of the skyline line can utilize the advanced apparatus.
  3. Outrageous Years: is for concurrent worth accessible P10 and P90.
  4. Import Data: The outsider can import advanced apparatuses.
  5. The Parameters are accessible in various meteorological and over 30 boundaries.
  6. Topography satellites are utilized overall multiple times.
  7. Likewise, over 8000 worldwide inclusion information.
  8. The Meteonorm can create Value in time stretches. Such worth is Every moment, day by day, hourly, and month to month.
  9. They continually update each year in the arrangement.
  10. The temperature by and by in illumination esteems in time arrangement
  11. The Format information can surrender the 36 conditions such as CSV, TMY2, TMY3, EPW, PVSol, PVSyst, poly sun, SAM, and that’s just the beginning
  12. Last, These are determined over numerous years and interjection into overall models.

Alternative Key Features of Meteonorm Full Version

36 output formats

36 different predefined export formats are available. They cover most of the established simulation software in solar energy applications and building design, including TMY2 and TMY3, EPW, TRNSYS as well as output formats for TRY (German test reference years), POLYSUN, TSOL/PVSOL, PVSyst, and PHPP. All export formats are available for hourly as well as monthly values. Data is written to ASCII files.

Alternatively, the parameters and the desired units can be defined in a user-defined export format.


Usually, measurement data can only be used in the vicinity of a weather station. Elsewhere, the data has to be interpolated between different stations. The sophisticated interpolation models inside Meteonorm allow a reliable calculation of solar radiation, temperature, and additional parameters at any site in the world.

The intuitive GUI in Meteonorm 7 allows you to easily manage and select your weather stations and sites.

Data Import

Meteonorm offers dynamic web downloads of current monthly temperature and radiation data (for Europe available data from 2007 onwards). With one mouse click, current data is imported from the internet and displayed. This allows solar energy calculations and performance checks of energy systems based on current data sets.

You can import your own monthly or hourly radiation and temperature data into Meteonorm with a specific import interface. Subsequently, you can apply the Meteonorm models and procedures to this data to generate random time series.


Meteonorm calculates reduced global radiation caused by a high horizon. The horizon line can easily be entered either graphically (dragline) or numerically. For most regions of the world, the horizon line is calculated automatically, based on a digital terrain model (accessed over the internet).

Global coverage

Data from more than 8,000 weather stations worldwide and five geostationary satellites.

Data period

The standard periods are 1996–2015 for irradiation data and 2000–2019 for all other parameters.

Time intervals

Meteonorm generates monthly, daily, hourly and minute values.

Historical time series

Historical hourly values of irradiation, temperature, humidity, wind, and precipitation from 2010 to the present, are constantly updated.

Data formats

36 output formats: CSV, TMY2, TMY3, EPW, PVSol, PVSyst, Polysun, SAM, and many more.


Interpolation models calculate typical years for any location worldwide.

Aerosol climatology

Globally calibrated gridded dataset by Chris Gueymard. Period 2000-2015, spatial resolution 0.5°.


The Meteonorm core is also available as a Dynamic Link Library or Web Service for digital applications.

Current monthly values

Current monthly values can be accessed online directly from the software.


Transparent information on data sources and uncertainty is provided for each data set. Validation papers are available on the website.

Urban Climate

Urban heat islands can be simulated. Specific urban climatologies for Bern and Vienna.

Climate change

Meteonorm includes three IPCC scenarios and allows projections to the year 2100.


Global 90x90m terrain model. Digitizing tool for user-defined horizon lines.

Extreme years

P10 and P90 values are available for simulating extreme years.

Data Import

Third-party data can be imported.

Meteonorm Mega System Requirements:

Vista, XP, 7, 8.1, and 10 are all versions of Microsoft Windows (32-bit including 64-bit)
RAM: 512 megabytes (1 GB supported)260
260 MB of free hard disk space is available for backup.
Cpu speed: 800 MHz or marginally higher.
Pentium-compliant processor (CPU).
Working system: MAC-OS is supported in its entirety.

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